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I have been reading the Onyx Path forum

I saw one thread asking if the Great Curse was really needed to explain the Usurpation. People argued that without the curse, people will get the message that no person can trusted with power. With the curse, others argued, the Solars seem to have no agency, or the plot becomes “cure the Great Curse” than anything else in Creation.

OTOH, if the point was to save Creation (regardless of what the Solar Exalted were doing), did the Usurpation do more harm than good. With the death of the Solars came the Deathlords. With the Deathlords came the Great Contagion and the Balorian Crusade. Ninety percent of humanity died and whole parts of Creation lapsed into the Wyld. But, hey, one could argue, 20% of Creation destroyed is better than 100%.

Also, I can deal with the Great Curse being incurable and hard to define, but not unnoticed. Even if an individual won’t cop to their limits or mistakes, they have no problem commenting on others. Also, if Sidereals are affected, wouldn’t some record of when others (not them, of course) mess up be available?

I suppose that I am glad 3rd edition is overhauling the back story. The Great Prophecy in my head was different from canon, anyway.

“Writing about the past was never simply about understanding the past for its own sake, but about shaping, molding, and creating the past to speak to the present. The Bible presents a variety of points of view about God and what it means to walk in his ways. This stands to reason, since the biblical writers and lived at different times, in different places, and wrote for different reasons.”

Peter Enns (via azspot)